Monday, 19 April 2010


On saturday I did a shorter Audax route of 150k this consisted of Tetbury, Malmesbury, chepstow, Newent and back to Tetbury. Fantastic weather for the whole day and a very good ride I fely very good though out the day with no drop offs in energy, normal food eaten though out the day consisting of pittas with cheese and salami, I had a cake and coffee in Chepstow and in Newent I thought I would treat myself to pie and chips, this is the first time I have had this in out 18 months now and to be honest I did not enjoy it and left most of it.

Some pictures from the ride


Weight is going well today I am back to 12.12 WW tonight, I will be helping again with the weigh-in and I will weigh myself as well tonight as I did not weigh last week. I have not pointed in over a week now and it seems to be going well I am keeping track in my head and I seem to be able to do this pretty well I will giove it a couple more weeks before I cancel my WW payments.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

15/04/2010 Thursday

I am a bit late posting this week and to be honest I forgot about it :) anyway A good meeting on tuesday I helped out again and it went very well, I did a short 10 ride just before the meeting so had to wear my cycling clothes to do the way in no problems though.Lots of weight loss this week, its surprising that not many turned up last tuesday after Easter and now they have all come back and 90% lost weight. I decided not to weigh this week, as a gold member I only have to weigh in five times per year, I have done this as I have also stopped pointing for a few weeks to see how it goes. If I manage ok I will stop the pointing altogether but I will weigh every week if I am helping out.

The ride last Saturday was very nice again Steve has chosen a great route with some fantastic scenery and nice quite roads. There was a good mix of flat and hills to contend with although the last one up to wells nearly killed me but a large double sausage and onion roll in Wells sorted me out for the long drag back up the hill to Bath. I had some problems after  about five miles loss of energy and fatigue and stopped a couple of times once to sit on the side of the road at the time I could not figure it out, but after getting to bath and drinking about two litres I think it was down to dehydration, even though I was drinking it was a coke and water mix, not good for me.

Food on the day was good my normal pittas x eight two pasties one cake, double sausage roll and a yorkie bar. I was most impressed with my time home from Bath after having a drink ion bath I flew up that long drag up out of bath and made it home in good time.

A total ride time of 12 hours and 17 minutes

Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday 09/04/2010

Well another friday is here so that means another weekend and more cycling, but first lets talk weight.

Maintenance is a strange thing and I find it quite hard, but I do seem to be getting the hang of it I think. My weight fluctuates a fair amount though out the week from 12.12.5 last saturday up to 13.2.8this morning which is around four pound in a week, I thought by doing the bike rides, although this is not the reason I do them, that the weight would be more consistent and stay within a pound or two, but on speaking to some off the members at the WW meetings everyone seem to have this problem, or is it a problem it could just be a natural thing. Anyone have any comments on this..... thats if anyone apart from me reads these posts.

The ride this week end will take me from home to Cheltenham, Stroud, Wooton under edge, Keynsham, Wells, Bath and home, a total of 205km or 126 miles. The weather looks very nice for this weekend so I am hoping for a pre seven o'clock start, and hoping to finish within 12 hours there are a lot of long hills on this one so it will probably take a little longer than my previous Audax's.

 Hopefully as I am doing this on a saturday I will be able to manage my food intake better and I am hoping for pie and chips in Keynsham, or at least something cooked and warm better than my normal cold pie :)

The route looks like this

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wednesday 07/04/2010

I haven't put a picture of myself on the blog for some time now, to be honest I never look happy in pictures and if I try to smile I look simple but tonight I gave it a go. I received a new cycling top today, now the sizes on these tops are strange if I gave my proper size the top would be, as they say a race fit, or rather skin tight, as I do not want my tops to fit like that you need to order one size up so this one is a large. I am very pleased with the top as it fits really well not too lose and not to tight, also it is quite a different colour to what I would normally wear and is very comfortable.

                                   From this at 23 stone

To This at 13 stone

Monday, 5 April 2010


The day started off well when I weighed myself at 12.11 stone, and I had planned to ride the Poor Student an Audax UK permanent ride. The ride starts in Malmesbury goes to Cirencester then up to Chipping Campden, from there it goes straight down to Oxford and then back to Malmesbury, this is a total mileage of 2005k or around 126 miles. As I live quite near to Malmesbury I cycled there as well which probably adds another 18k to the total. To be honest it was quite a hard day I had the wind in my face from Cirencester to Chipping Campden, and then had it full force in my face for the last 80k from Oxford to Malmesbury, to say I was knackered would be an understatement :) I completed the ride in a shade under 11 hours I did have about 1 hour 20 minutes of stoppages as well, these were for eating and rest breaks and just five minutes here or there just to stop and take a break. I did eat more this ride than ever befre and will more than likely pay for this at tomorrows weigh-in.

I took my normal eight pitta breads with cottage cheese and either onion or salami and two bananas, I eat all but one of the pittas but I also had a cheese and onion slice, a yorkie and two pastries in Chipping Campden and also a bottle of what I thought was chocolate milkshake but turned out to be cookie doe flavour .In Oxford I had one of those microwave burgers (disgusting) and a bag of crisps and a mars bar in Highworth where I also had to buy more drink to go in my bottles. So yes I ate a fair bit but when I did my points on WW I had earned 64 bonus points. All I had in the evening when I got home was a quarter of a mousaka and some salad. I also felt whipped out later in the evening and while feeling very tired I had a bad nights sleep and was up at three having a drink and eating then I lay awake reading for over an hour. I had the same thing happen the last time I did a high mileage and I don't understand why I can not sleep the night after a long ride.

I will be early to bed tonight, I am also helping at the meeting tomorrow night so I will have my weight taken there o see what has happened.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Friday 02/04/210

I went to the WW meeting last night first time I have managed to get there in a few weeks, three as it happens. I weighed in at 12 stone 12, 1/2 pounds so a loss this week and since my last official weigh in a loss of 2.5 lbs.It was nice to chat with all the members that have been going since I started the WW program, the ladies I sit with are all gold members have have been for a while, one has just gone over her limit and has had to start paying again and the other is close to the top limit, so they have both decided to start coming to meetings more regularly  again. It was nice to see them there as its been a bit quite there without them.

We all agreed that maintenance is just as hard if not harder than losing the weight in the first place, and its something that I think I will always need to keep an eye on as it would be so easy to gain a few pounds and not worry about it then it would lead to a couple more and to be blunt I do not want to be fat again !!

Claire was talking about her weight loss and clothes and how she felt about herself after getting to goal, and she said something that struck a cord with me, she said that since losing her weight and getting to goal she didn't know who the new Claire was. This comment has been playing on my mind for a few days now ... who am I ? who is the new Kevin ? am I any different to the fat Kevin ? I sure do feel different and I know I look different I am more fitter now than I have ever been, but am I any different ?

Monday, 29 March 2010

I thought I would update my  measurements as I have not done this for a while, I did not expect too many changes apart from chest, stomach and weight which is where the changes are plus my BMI has gone down a bit.

--------26/11/08-- 16/07/09 --10/09/09 --01/11/09---3/01/10--29/03/2010
Chest: -----52.5" ----44" ------ 41.5"---- --- 41"---------41"-------40.5"
Hips:------ 47"------ 41" ------- 40.5"--- --  38.5"-------38"--------38"
Stomach: --53" ----- 41.5" ----- 39"-------   38"---------37.5"------37"
Waist:----- 44"------36" -------- 34" -------  32" --------32"--------32"
Thigh: -----28.5" ----24.5" ----- 24.5-------  23"---------22.5"------22.5"
Weight ----22.5 ---- 15.12.5 -- 14.9.5 ----- 13.13-------13.4.5-----12.13
Bmi -------43.7 -----30.8 ----- 28.7 ---- ---27.2---------26--------25.2

I am pleased with this I don't think there is anything more to come off my chest and only a bit more to come off my stomach.
A total loss of 54 inches in measurements and  10 stone and 1 lb in weight, Yes I am happy :)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sunday 28/03/2010

A good day yesterday day, I did the Cheltenham flyer taster again, cheltenham - stow on the Wold, Bourton on the water, Bibury, to Cirencester. I did improve on my time of 5.40 by doing it this time in 5.20 but its not really about the times its about completing the event. I have to say I went out a bit quick and paid for it later in the ride but I am hoping this will strengthen my legs. Food wish I had my normal (now) yorkie, a flapjack, one and a half pittas with salami and cheese so not a great deal but did eat quite a lot when I got home. But I stuck within my points and feel good this morning.

Back to the WW meeting this week to have my weight recorded I am hoping that it stays the same as it is today at 12 stone 13 pounds.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Long day yesterday I had to be at Newmarket by 8.00am so this meant and early start of 3.30 I got the van on the road by 4.10am, as the van is restricted to 56 mph it takes a long time to get anywhere but managed to get to Newmarket at 7.50am.

Pretty good with the food yesterday I did take more to eat though the day as it was rather a long one starting at that time. I had a bowl of my carrot and coriander soup when I got home and then a tuna and pasta salad thing and early to bed.

Weight this morning is13.00 stone so pretty pleased, I have also changed my breakfast for a few days from porridge to just branflakes and cornflakes mixed together to see if this helps as last time I eat this for a while I struggled with weight gain and I would like to stay at 13 or just under for a while I am hoping this will help me lose my pot belly.

Monday, 22 March 2010


A good day yesterday I did my first 200km bike ride which is around 126 -127 miles, The route way from Tebury, Cheltenham, Fairford, Hungerford, Corsham, Tetbury. the hardest bit was from Hungerford to Corsham as it was into the wind, but over all the day was very nice mostly sunny with only a little cloud. Very pleased how the ride went and I am now classed as a Randonneur once the ride has been validated.

WW is still going well my weight although up and down is between 12.13 and 13.4 stone, I did eat a fair amount yesterday.

6 mini Pittas with a thin slice of cheese,tomato and pepperoni
2 Pastys
1 pastrie
1 bag of crisps
2 slices of malt loaf
and a banana

I could have got away with only the one pasty but did feel a little hungry so I had it anyway, I did ear 85 bonus points on the WW tracker. I started the day weighing 13.1 stone and finished it at 13.0 stone this morning I weighed in at 13.2 stone.

As long as my weight stays between 12.13 and 13.4 I shall be happy I would think as the nights get brighter and the weather better at the weekends my weight will drop a little but should also be a bit more stable, at the moment even though I am maintaining I have not added any more points, as you are meant to but once I can get out more I probably will.