Monday, 22 March 2010


A good day yesterday I did my first 200km bike ride which is around 126 -127 miles, The route way from Tebury, Cheltenham, Fairford, Hungerford, Corsham, Tetbury. the hardest bit was from Hungerford to Corsham as it was into the wind, but over all the day was very nice mostly sunny with only a little cloud. Very pleased how the ride went and I am now classed as a Randonneur once the ride has been validated.

WW is still going well my weight although up and down is between 12.13 and 13.4 stone, I did eat a fair amount yesterday.

6 mini Pittas with a thin slice of cheese,tomato and pepperoni
2 Pastys
1 pastrie
1 bag of crisps
2 slices of malt loaf
and a banana

I could have got away with only the one pasty but did feel a little hungry so I had it anyway, I did ear 85 bonus points on the WW tracker. I started the day weighing 13.1 stone and finished it at 13.0 stone this morning I weighed in at 13.2 stone.

As long as my weight stays between 12.13 and 13.4 I shall be happy I would think as the nights get brighter and the weather better at the weekends my weight will drop a little but should also be a bit more stable, at the moment even though I am maintaining I have not added any more points, as you are meant to but once I can get out more I probably will.

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