Wednesday, 14 April 2010

15/04/2010 Thursday

I am a bit late posting this week and to be honest I forgot about it :) anyway A good meeting on tuesday I helped out again and it went very well, I did a short 10 ride just before the meeting so had to wear my cycling clothes to do the way in no problems though.Lots of weight loss this week, its surprising that not many turned up last tuesday after Easter and now they have all come back and 90% lost weight. I decided not to weigh this week, as a gold member I only have to weigh in five times per year, I have done this as I have also stopped pointing for a few weeks to see how it goes. If I manage ok I will stop the pointing altogether but I will weigh every week if I am helping out.

The ride last Saturday was very nice again Steve has chosen a great route with some fantastic scenery and nice quite roads. There was a good mix of flat and hills to contend with although the last one up to wells nearly killed me but a large double sausage and onion roll in Wells sorted me out for the long drag back up the hill to Bath. I had some problems after  about five miles loss of energy and fatigue and stopped a couple of times once to sit on the side of the road at the time I could not figure it out, but after getting to bath and drinking about two litres I think it was down to dehydration, even though I was drinking it was a coke and water mix, not good for me.

Food on the day was good my normal pittas x eight two pasties one cake, double sausage roll and a yorkie bar. I was most impressed with my time home from Bath after having a drink ion bath I flew up that long drag up out of bath and made it home in good time.

A total ride time of 12 hours and 17 minutes

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