Monday, 5 April 2010


The day started off well when I weighed myself at 12.11 stone, and I had planned to ride the Poor Student an Audax UK permanent ride. The ride starts in Malmesbury goes to Cirencester then up to Chipping Campden, from there it goes straight down to Oxford and then back to Malmesbury, this is a total mileage of 2005k or around 126 miles. As I live quite near to Malmesbury I cycled there as well which probably adds another 18k to the total. To be honest it was quite a hard day I had the wind in my face from Cirencester to Chipping Campden, and then had it full force in my face for the last 80k from Oxford to Malmesbury, to say I was knackered would be an understatement :) I completed the ride in a shade under 11 hours I did have about 1 hour 20 minutes of stoppages as well, these were for eating and rest breaks and just five minutes here or there just to stop and take a break. I did eat more this ride than ever befre and will more than likely pay for this at tomorrows weigh-in.

I took my normal eight pitta breads with cottage cheese and either onion or salami and two bananas, I eat all but one of the pittas but I also had a cheese and onion slice, a yorkie and two pastries in Chipping Campden and also a bottle of what I thought was chocolate milkshake but turned out to be cookie doe flavour .In Oxford I had one of those microwave burgers (disgusting) and a bag of crisps and a mars bar in Highworth where I also had to buy more drink to go in my bottles. So yes I ate a fair bit but when I did my points on WW I had earned 64 bonus points. All I had in the evening when I got home was a quarter of a mousaka and some salad. I also felt whipped out later in the evening and while feeling very tired I had a bad nights sleep and was up at three having a drink and eating then I lay awake reading for over an hour. I had the same thing happen the last time I did a high mileage and I don't understand why I can not sleep the night after a long ride.

I will be early to bed tonight, I am also helping at the meeting tomorrow night so I will have my weight taken there o see what has happened.

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