Friday, 9 April 2010

Friday 09/04/2010

Well another friday is here so that means another weekend and more cycling, but first lets talk weight.

Maintenance is a strange thing and I find it quite hard, but I do seem to be getting the hang of it I think. My weight fluctuates a fair amount though out the week from 12.12.5 last saturday up to 13.2.8this morning which is around four pound in a week, I thought by doing the bike rides, although this is not the reason I do them, that the weight would be more consistent and stay within a pound or two, but on speaking to some off the members at the WW meetings everyone seem to have this problem, or is it a problem it could just be a natural thing. Anyone have any comments on this..... thats if anyone apart from me reads these posts.

The ride this week end will take me from home to Cheltenham, Stroud, Wooton under edge, Keynsham, Wells, Bath and home, a total of 205km or 126 miles. The weather looks very nice for this weekend so I am hoping for a pre seven o'clock start, and hoping to finish within 12 hours there are a lot of long hills on this one so it will probably take a little longer than my previous Audax's.

 Hopefully as I am doing this on a saturday I will be able to manage my food intake better and I am hoping for pie and chips in Keynsham, or at least something cooked and warm better than my normal cold pie :)

The route looks like this

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