Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Long day yesterday I had to be at Newmarket by 8.00am so this meant and early start of 3.30 I got the van on the road by 4.10am, as the van is restricted to 56 mph it takes a long time to get anywhere but managed to get to Newmarket at 7.50am.

Pretty good with the food yesterday I did take more to eat though the day as it was rather a long one starting at that time. I had a bowl of my carrot and coriander soup when I got home and then a tuna and pasta salad thing and early to bed.

Weight this morning is13.00 stone so pretty pleased, I have also changed my breakfast for a few days from porridge to just branflakes and cornflakes mixed together to see if this helps as last time I eat this for a while I struggled with weight gain and I would like to stay at 13 or just under for a while I am hoping this will help me lose my pot belly.

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